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Sara Vance-Hogan here. Author of the once-upon-a-time Lulu best selling vampire horror book, "Dead Seed." I've had my fifteen minutes, and now I just wish to enjoy writing and share my new work with all of you. Here, you will find old and new horror stories by yours truly -- completely free to read. The stories posted here will be complete (no cliffhangers, no partial stories that you have to make a purchase to finish, etc.). I will post links (in the "links" section to the right of the screen there ... duh) to my books that CAN be purchased, but that's entirely optional for you.

If you don't limit yourself to only the horror genre, you may also visit my sister site here. There you will find fantasy and sometimes erotica written by me. Be careful if you're under the age of 18 as some stories contain adult content (I give warnings so no need to worry about stumbling on anything).

 That is all my friends. Navigate with the links to the right of the screen there. Read. Enjoy. Send me fan mail (I love that).

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